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Ever Heard of WordPress?

This article is about WordPress, from it’s start as a simple blogging script to it’s modern day status as the number one content management system in the world. If you are interested in the WordPress platform please read on.

How to Control Your Website Features

In order to be able to control your website, you need to have what is called a control panel. You do not need to look for it on your own, because it is offered to you when you get your website hosted with one of the web hosting companies. There are many control panels that differ in their ease of use; some of them are called advanced control panels because of the number of features that they have, while the others are not updated to stay with the same old version with its features.

How to Select the Best Company for Hiring Offshore PHP Developers?

Offshore Resource Hiring is on the rise now. More and more digital agencies from USA, UK and all over the world are looking out to hire experts from well-established web design companies from India. Quality Resource at Competitive Pricing is the prime reason for the growing interest. So, how would you decide which, amongst those web design companies should you hire professionals from? Here is a detailed analysis of the aspects to consider before you make a choice.

Learn How to Grow Your Business Easily and Quickly

Using the internet has become common among most of the business owners. When you decide to create a website on the internet to promote your business, you need to take into consideration many factors that are essential for the success of your business.

How to Maximize Your WordPress Hosting and Blogging Success

Want to learn how to maximize your WordPress hosting while on a tight budget. This guide will show you how to get the best and cheap host for your blog.

Retina Ready Websites

In recent years, businesses across the globe have started acknowledging the power of customer relationship management. Without it, no business can imagine to survive in the present competitive era.

7 Deadly Sins You’re Making With Your Website

If you’re running an online business, it goes without saying that your website is critical to the success of your business. Your competition is online and, most importantly, so are your customers.

Why Should You Opt for a Custom Website Development?

Today there are several open source application, template based systems and do it your self website providers that costs almost free or considerably low as compared to custom website development. So it is worth knowing why should you opt for custom website development and how it can help your business, if you want your business to be successful and have better online visibility.

Architecture Patterns For The Cloud

Cloud has been rightly considered as one of the most promising Information Technology (IT) advancements of our times that is going to have a significant and long running impact on both the businesses enterprises and people alike. The cloud platforms do provide the necessary technology infrastructure and components for developing innovative solutions quickly in a cost effective manner. To make the implementation a great success, the cloud architects must select the right component and leverage them correctly maximizing the benefits. There are many who believe that the cloud is more about the architecture than the technology. Cloud provides an excellent platform for implementing the architecture patterns that were risky and costly to implement until now.

Top 10 Characteristics of a Winning Corporate Website

The corporate website of any organization reflects the digital maturity of that organization with respect to connecting with the customers, leveraging the latest technologies and optimal use of social media channels. Standing out in the e-marketplace requires keen understanding of the target audience, thorough planning, optimal digital strategy, choosing right technology for corporate website development and support.

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