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6 Secrets for Better Web Application Development

Advances in web development have completely changed the way that applications can be delivered to users. Instead of needing to download or install anything, users can simply log into a web application and begin using it within seconds.

How Can Open Source Technology Be Used For Making Better Web Projects?

Considering the manner in which the world of technology is changing, an increasing number of businesses have decided to make the move to open-source development. With this form of customization, businesses have the ability to design and develop creative and innovative applications as per their requirements.

Web Development To Suit Your Business Needs

All web based businesses require making a web presence that is valuable and beneficial for business growth and expansion. The look and appearance of a website can say a lot about how professional the business is. This makes it essential to give attention to web development services.

With The Launch Of PHP-Based Apigility, Zend Looks To Ease API Development

By streamlining a development process that typically needs to be carried out over a number of steps, Zend has succeeded in releasing an open-source, cross-platform package. This will be used for the design and development of application programming interfaces that will prove to be extremely useful for sharing functionality and data across a number of different applications.

Responsive Themes Feature in Magento Enterprise and Community Edition 2014

The Magento Enterprise Edition and the Community Edition were introduced in May 2014. The release was characterized by several important features and additions to support the business growth and online presence of the website owners. The current editions impute greater value to the responsive web design solutions with respect to the eclectic reference themes and much more. The initiative was adopted with focus on the present market competition and inclination of the internet users to smartphone devices and tablet PCs.

Tweaking MySQL for Better Performance

MySQL is one of the easy to use ways for you. It is extremely powerful, scalable and secure as compared to anything else. It is known to be the ideal database solution for your websites due to its small size and speed. It runs on many operating systems, which make it accessible from anywhere and anytime.

How Drupal Works

Drupal was introduced by Dries Buytaert as a message board about twelve years ago. A year later, people began to develop their interest towards Drupal. As a result, the project became an open source. Furthermore, it went online and it continued to increase its momentum causing several people to use it for code sprints and conferences. Today, individuals, global corporations, local businesses and other diverse organizations rely heavily on Drupal.

Add A YouTube Video To Your Magento Website For Improving Your User Experience

An open-source content management system, Magento is typically used in the development of various eCommerce platforms and websites. This software was initially developed by a private company based in the USA with interested volunteers providing suitable assistance for the same.

The Present and Future Trends of PHP Development

Are you pondering upon the ways to enhance the performance of your on-line business? PHP would be the correct answer for you. It is PHP developers only who can make an effective utilization of resources. This is an era of globalization and the whole web arena is infested with magnates dodging for a milestone ranking of individual companies.

Making the Right Choice: Steps to Choosing the Right Web Design Services for Businesses

Businesses are often required to make tough decisions. So when it comes to choosing the right company from among many available web design services that offer a range of options, the choice is not simple for businesses. Several factors can contribute in this decision making, especially since web designing is no longer confined to just having an attractive design online.

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