How To Build An Online Business With Affiliate Marketing & Kindle Publishing Together

The Top IT Sector Trends of 2015

2015 promises to be an exciting year for the IT sector bringing with it changes and new trends that will affect great modifications across the industry. These trends are the result of the new “outside-in” mindset that has greatly reduced the monopoly of any one corporation. And the rise of SMAC as the 3rd Platform is a formidable force that will challenge the traditional IT skilled crowd.

How the DNN Platform Is Beneficial for Commercial Websites

There is no denying the fact that in this rapidly changing digital world, having an impressive website is what a business needs the most. DotNetNuke, or DNN as many of us call it, is a framework that helps in providing the much needed functionalities as well as capabilities to develop a well structured and easy to navigate website in an absolutely successful manner.

3 Things You Thought You Knew About Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software!

Microsoft dynamics CRM software can take your business to the next level with its amazing set of benefits. If you have been using a customer relationship management software, and thought that Microsoft Dynamics CRM software was just another one of them, then you need to think again.

How a Website Monitoring Service Tell About Website Downtime

When you signed up for your current hosting plan, you were probably promised or even guaranteed a certain amount of up-time, such as 99 percent or 99.9 percent, giving you the confidence that your website would almost always be up and available whenever your customers wanted access to it. There are some things that you need to take into consideration, however, before you can put much stock into that up-time percentage you were promised. Before you just take your hosting provider’s word for your up-time rate and assume you have the right hosting plan or hosting provider, consider these tips and understand how website monitoring service can ensure you indeed have the best hosting plan for your website.

How Website Monitoring Saves From Embedded Web Script Errors

If you talk to the average person who has a bit of knowledge about website monitoring services and ask them what it entails, they will tell you that these services check to see if your website is down and let you know when an outage of your website occurs. While on the surface that is an accurate description, quality website monitoring service goes beyond that simple explanation. The Internet is ever-evolving, as are the technologies used by the websites that inhabit it. If your site uses third-party embedded scripts, for example, there are some things you need to be aware of before choosing a website monitoring service for your online business. After all, the more advanced a website is, the more advanced the technology used to monitor that site needs to be.

How to Choose the Right Web Development Agency

In these days, people cannot imagine a business without digital marketing. Each and every business organization has its own website for their digital marketing. It is highly important to get the right website for your business. To get a proper website and online reputation, you have to get in touch with a good and efficient website development company who can rightly look after the development work of your commercial website.

5 Rules for Successful Server Hosting and Server Up-Time

If you are a hosting provider or someone who operates and manages a shared hosting server, chances are that you either already have server monitoring services in place or that you are considering the utilization of a server monitoring service provider in the near future. Whether you already have server monitoring in place or you are considering putting such a safeguard into place in the near future, there are some rules you will want to keep in mind to ensure that your server monitoring efforts are successful and do not do more harm than good to your up-time percentages.

How Website Monitoring Improves Your Website Up-Time

In the world of the Web, up-time percentages and stats are becoming more and more important. Websites that face unusually high amounts of downtime or perform poorly are the sites that are destined to fail. The cut-throat environment of the Internet means that online companies are now doing everything they can to improve their up-time stats, and that includes employing quality website monitoring services.

Online Marketing and Mobile Responsiveness

For your website to reach its full potential, it is more than likely that you should be a part of the full online world. More people now use mobiles and tablets to search the internet than use desktops and laptops.

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website in 2015

Not very long ago, there were not many mobile-friendly websites available on the Internet. The web was a peaceful place back then, restricted to appearance of these e-platforms on desktops and laptops only. And then, suddenly, a mobile era suddenly erupted.

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