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The Significance of Having a Good Website

As a website is the first communication platform between an entrepreneur and a potential customer, thus, it is essential to make it customer-friendly. For those who want to generate more business from a quality website, must outsource a specialized website designing and development firm.

5 Ways To Make a Google and Customer Friendly Website

It is a fact that today 70% of people look for product reviews before buying any product. Thus, your website is the epicenter of your marketing strategy.

Websites Are Dead

Facebook business pages has gotten so popular that most people think they don’t need a website anymore. The ease of use and “free cost” of having your business up and running in virtually no time, is viewed by many as alternatives to websites. I have seen business cards with Facebook page listed as website URL, I have also seen clients with existing websites that direct traffic to their social media profiles, especially Facebook. I have even heard people claiming that WEBSITES ARE DEAD!

Challenges and Opportunities of a Web Application Development Company

Nowadays development of a web application development company has brought about numerous changes in the field of online business. The expert developers have a host of options for the replication of their applications and many opportunities to promote their marketing features. With the help of these applications you can make your IT industry thrive with all it is goodness.

Hire the Top Web Design Firms on oDesk for Your E-Commerce Website

If you are preparing to establish an online business, setting up an optimized and user-friendly website is the first-string necessity. Your website serves as the online interface between your customer and your business over the internet.

Making Amends After an Episode of Website Downtime

You may think that the only thing your business loses during an episode of website downtime is profits, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Oftentimes, a business will also lose customer confidence, customer satisfaction, and respect after an instance of extended downtime. In fact, website downtime is one of the leading causes of damage to a site’s reputation.

Website Uptime: 4 Things You Have to Consider

Website owners often talk about the importance of website uptime and how crucial it is to minimize your website downtime. How your web host plays an important role in the uptime of your website is also a hot topic of discussion. When it comes to minimizing your site’s downtime, there are four things you absolutely must take into consideration.

Is Your Site’s Success a Sign of Impending Downtime?

You came up with the perfect business idea. You designed your site and put it live on the Web. You advertised and marketed just as you were supposed to. All of your efforts paid off and your site is experiencing unprecedented success, just like you knew it would.

5 Ways to Extract the Best Out of a WordPress Plugin Developer

Now it’s really important that being a head of a plugin development organization, you must keep your spirits high. You’re the one who can motivate the entire team and lead the organization towards success, reputation and glory.

WordPress Web Development Ensures Creation Of Optimized Websites

WordPress Web Development is a methodology that helps in the creation of highly innovative and optimized blogs or websites. It acts as an excellent option for the business owners, who want to obtain high quality web development services.

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